Go Secret Storage is your home for all Hidden Storage and Secret Storage options. We offer an affordable solution to safely and secretly securing your weapons, accessories, and valuables. Our mission is to provide the most cost effective manner to safely store your objects of choice. We recognize the importance of security and stealth, and with regards have constructed fluent options for you to withhold these characteristics in any room. Go Secret Storage strives to fulfill homeowners with never before seen storage options, without breaking your bank. Our woodworking team is highly certified and is now migrating into commercial homeowner products as we perfect our Hidden Storage Options. Rest in the peace that your items are safely stored, and consider purchasing one of our products today

Currently, we offer the “Secret Storage Mirror”, which looks elegant in any room; and is easy to install. There are six color options to choose from: Black, Mahogany, Espresso, Walnut, Cherry, and White. This sliding mirror is built upon ball bearing slides, offering a fluent motion for accessing your concealed items. The inside can be customized to your intentions, and foam/shelves can be added/removed in accordance with your preference. Each Secret Storage Mirror featured a Safety Latch that must be depressed to allow the sliding door to open, keeping children out and animals from accidentally opening the mirror. All of our color options can viewed in our Shop. More information and measurements can be found on the individual product page after selecting your color of choice. Stay tuned for new products and other Hidden Storage options in the near future

Why consider Secret Storage options?
Most firearm owners, or even owners of other valuables, are searching for a method that allows both: safe security and easy accessibility at the same time. Although complex safes or vaults offer immense security, usually these are tucked away and take minutes to open/access. Hiding firearms or valuables under a pillow or in a drawer allows for easy access, but risks children or others from accidentally exposing them. Secret Storage is the perfect option to safely secure your items in what appears as a “non accessible environment”, however allows immense ease of accessibility at the same time

We look forward to placing Go Secret Storage products in your home, keeping your items of choice well hidden yet accessible. With the launch of our new store, we would like to offer $10 off your first purchase with the coupon code: Storage10. If any questions persist, feel free to reach out to us at our Contact Us page, all inquiries will be responded to within 24 hours. Safely secure your valuables, and consider browsing our Shop today.

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