Hand Crafted products features a level of precision and dedication unmatched by factory built pieces. Each secret storage safe at Go Secret Storage offers a level of detail that ensures quality and durability. We offer hidden storage safes with a personal touch, as each purchase is crafted in our local shop and shipped to a location of your choice. With over 100 years of generational wood working knowledge, as a customer you can expect your hidden safe to be delivered in pristine condition, and fully operative as you intend. From the initial cuts and sanding all the way to finalized staining, we provide a high quality option to concealing your weaponry and other accessories.

With knowledge comes quality, and our craftsmen are sure to demonstrate. As a family run business, we have constructed a variety of wood working pieces. Through years of development we have finalized the Hidden Storage Mirror, and are pleased to unveil this hidden storage option to the public. Continuous refinement and improvements conclude that our product is ready to release to the public, and we are pleased to provide it as an option to your home today. As we strive to transform the living areas and storage ethics of homeowners across the country, we hope you choose Go Secret Storage for your next venture.

We currently offer a variety of color options located on our Shop Page and ShowRoom. Each stain is applied in an even manner, blending perfectly with the external wall in which it is installed. Our goal is to transform your living area, and provide an effective way to store your guns, ammunition, and other accessories. With Go Secret Storage you can rest in the confidence that your items are securely held in both a concealed and elegant manner; while viewing your beautiful reflection at the same time!

A typical safe can provide secure protection, does not provide the same appeal as an item that blends in with your current living area. Not to mention, a safe holds the label: “there is something important inside”, while a simple storage mirror remains unnoticed. If the mirror is inspected in detail, our regular locking system is efficient to keep most nosey people out. For those who prefer added protection, we recommend our RFID card addition, allowing you to secure your safe even further from children or other unintended entries. Allow us to work with you at transforming the safe industry to the next level, and take part in this revolution today.

Reach out to us today with any questions or inquiries in regards to our secret storage options. Stay tuned for future hidden safe options by following us on facebook, instagram, or tuning into our blog on a week to week basis. Our team at Go Secret Storage eagerly awaits your order, and are on stand by to craft your product customized to your preferences. We look forward to providing you with the highest quality storage option at the most affordable price on the web.

– Go Secret Storage

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