Our Secret Shelves are currently undergoing redesign to V.2
Thank you to everyone who has supported our mission at Go Secret Storage
Our Secret Shelves are currently undergoing redesign to V.2
Thank you to everyone who has supported our mission at Go Secret Storage


Each Secret Storage is crafted with Premium Precision
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Our craftsman withhold the highest
standards for all Secret Storage Products

We guarantee your satisfaction; along with
Product Durability and Absolute Convenience

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Each storage is designed to hold firearms of your choice! Weather that be a long rifle or multiple handguns; let us know and your Secret Storage will be specifically crafted

Ammunition & Accessories

There is no need for the inconvenience of separate storage for ammo and other accessories. Keep all of your items conveniently accessible, and secretly stored

Unbeatable Pricing

Our pricing cannot be beat. We strive to place Secret Storage in the homes of everyone, without breaking the bank. Check out our shop and order one today!

Premium Shipping

All of our Secret Storages are carefully packaged and shipped quickly. Allowing us to get our product in your hands as conveniently and safely as possible

Our Message to You

Go Secret Storage is your home for concealed weaponry and other accessories. Our hidden storage mirrors are the perfect choice for properly securing your firearms and/or other equipment. With patented grade production and precisions craftsmanship, you can expect the most refined hidden storage safes. Each Secret Safe features quality materials, easy installation, convenient shipping directly from a United States Warehouse, and the option for RFID locking. Years of woodworking experience have been instilled into one product, Secret Storage Mirrors, and we are excited to share it with you for the first time.

Hidden Storage options are a great choice for those looking for both security and easy accessibility. Owning a weapon generates the issue of how easily it can be accessed in time of need. Go Secret Storage provides the perfect balance between these two desires, maintaining maximum security through RFID technology while providing maximum accessibility through ease of access. Relieve the fear of not reaching your weapon in time, tidy up your current organization system, or simply show off our premium design to your friends and family with Hidden Storage Mirrors. Keep your RFID card in your wallet or in an unreachable location so children or animals do not accidentally open your Secret Storage area.

We thank you for taking the time to learn more about what is we have to offer, and hope that you browse our entire shop/gallery to view the complete variety of Hidden Storage Safe color options. In an effort to place Secret Storage safes in homes all across the United States, we offer the most affordable pricing and fair shipping costs. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions, and we would be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

– Go Secret Storage
Your Home for Quality & Affordable Hidden Storage

Customer Reviews

We always love hearing from our customers. Here are a few of our reviews!

“Awesome customer services, fast responses, and very easy to work with. When calling you can speak to the man that is actually constructing the Secret Storages! Not too often does this type of service exist”

Gilbert Gerard

Richmond, VA

“Secret Storage has never let me down. The build of the internal compartments is well thought, and one safe features more than enough room! As for my quantity of firearms however, I also have a couple of these throughout my home ”

Sarah Martin

Chicago, IL

“My wife and I have purchased multiple Secret Storages throughout our home. The shipping is fast and convenient, and packaging is extremely durable. We look forward to the future products that Secret Storage will offer”

Richard Page

Fresno, CA
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